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ChairulHusni, M.Ed. The use of simple past tense often makes students confused with its complexity, especially for the eighth graders of junior high schools. The researcher applies randomly technique are taken to get arepresentative sample, there are 78 students as the sample. Based on the reason above the writer will like to choose the title "Errors In Using Simple Past Tense In Recount Texts Written By The Tenth Year Students Of Sman 4 this contact form

A mistake refers to performance of error that is a random guessing or slip. In other words,the Indonesian students may find difficulties in using the correct structure in English. It is caused the learners’ basic experience ofcertain structure. Preview Text (ABSTRAK) Abstrak.pdf Download (582kB) | Preview Preview Text (BAB 1) Bab 1.pdf Download (283kB) | Preview Text (BAB 2) Bab 2.pdf Restricted to Registered users only Download (542kB) Text

The sample is randomlytaken from the writing test papers. The result of the study shows that the total errors made by the students were 720 errors; Misformation errors (71.14%), omission errors (15.28%), and addition errors (13.05%). Those errors made The definition of writing In learning En... I/a dog etc.Verb + ing+had note.g.

  • In this case, the writer use closed questionnaire. 3.
  • Thus, the learner may produce: did you visited her last week?
  • Eddy Setia, M.Ed.
  • The sample is randomlytaken from the writing test papers.
  • The third is any qualitative data reduction and sense-making effort that takes a volume of qualitative material and attempts to identify core consistencies and meanings" (Patton, 2002, p.453).
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  • It is found that forover generalization there is 23 or 25%, ignore of rule restriction is 23 or 25%,incomplete application of rules is 32 or 36%, and false concepts hypothesized is
  • Often b.

Recount text begins by telling the reader who was involved, what happened, where this event took place and when it happened. It means that errors may occur because of humanfactor in mastering the target language such as the limitation of memory,psychological problem and do not understand about the material of subject. The sample is randomly takenfrom the attendace list. was / wereVerb + ing+e.g.

a. Also, errors are the inability of the students in using rules of the components and elements of the second language. So eassy b. http://repository.wima.ac.id/4996/ English teaching in high schools covers four skills, namely listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

a. The use of simple past tense often makes students confused with its complexity, especially for the eighth graders of junior high schools. To find out the causes of errors in doing item of simple past tense. Sincestudents'learning English isstill affected by theirmother tongue, they often find problems in grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and the like.

THE READING COMPREHENSION STRATEGIES FOR NINTH GRADE OF SMPN 1 NGADILUWIH IN ACADEMIC YEAR 2012 / 2013 CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION This chapter consist of background, identification of the problem, limitation of http://text.123dok.com/document/6282-an-error-analysis-on-using-simple-past-tense-by-eleventh-years-students-of-the-ark-scholl-sidikalang.htm That experience may be in the past (past narration), or it may bea typical experience (what people usually do), or it may be going on now (present narration).The writer is interested Definition Of Grammar Harmer (2001: 12) defines grammar as the description of the ways in which words can change their forms and can be combined into sentences in that language. Ary, Donald. 1979.

For instance, in the teaching of present tense the teacher usually starts with the teaching of to be am, is, are, then teaching the verbs. weblink Uses of Simple Past Tense While according to Walker, Elaine and Steve Elsworth (2000:37) - Completed actions To talk about events and actions in the past that are RohaniGanie, M.Hum...........................................RahmadsyahRangkuti, MA, Ph.D..........................................Drs. Azar, Betty Scrampter. 1989.

B. 1975. Research Procedure In this research, the researcher will study about erorrs on the use simple past tense in recount text written by tenth year of SMAN 4 Kediri . a. navigate here Statement of the problemsBased on the background of the study there are problems, which can be formulated after identifying the type errors, omitted among the ninth year students of SMPN 3

Connected with the presence of errors, the students will make a large of errors if they felt that materials and techniques that applied by the teacher is not suitable with their Often b. It describe the events word which link event such as next, later, when, then, after, before first.

They are some of the causes of errors. 1.

Language Feature of Recount • Introducing personal participant; I, my group, etc • Using chronological connection; then, first, etc • Using linking verb; was, were, saw, heard, etc • Using action It means that errors may occure because of human factor in mastering the targetlanguage such as the limitation of memory, psychological problem and do not understandabout the material of subject. I was singinge.g. The difficulty is due to the need to generate and organize ideas using an appropriate choice of vocabulary, sentence, and paragraph organization and to turn such ideas into a readable text

Data Display Data display is the second element or level in Miles and Huberman's (1994) model of qualitative data analysis. Hendrickson, James M. 1980. c) Frank or Covert Observation In this case, researcher in conducting data collecting declare openly to the data, so they studied knew from the beginning to the end of the activities his comment is here However, in senior high school, English is taught as main subject in which the government has changed the curriculum into Curriculum Based on Competence 2004.

According to Nasution in Sugiyono (2010:310) stated that, observations is the basic of all science. It means that it builds all the basis of competences themselves. THEORITICAL FRAMEWORK CHAPTER II THEORITICAL FRAMEWORK A. The time or approximate time that the event took place is stated or is understood from the context.

Mistake is different from error. It means that grammar is one of the most important parts of English to communicate with others. Cambridge, MA: Withrop Publisher. From the highest to the lowest, the errors were: miss formation, addition,and omission.

vCHAPTER I:INTRODUCTION11.1 Background of the study.........................................11.2 Problem of the study...............................................31.3 Objectives of the study...........................................31.4 Scope of the study..................................................41.5 Signifcance of the study.........................................4CHAPTER II:REVIEW OF LITERATURE52.1 Theoritical Concepts...............................................52.2 The difference between error Those are, A)Approach and Type of the Research, B) The Research Existence, C) Procedure of the Research, D)Place and Time of the Research, E) Sources of the Data, F) Procedure of In addition, the teacher should not see negatively as a sign of failure but see them positively as an indication of what the teacher still needs to teach. d) The negative of regular and irregular verbs is formed with did not (didn't) and the infinitive: I did not/ didn't work You did not/ didn't work e) The interrogative of

Errors can arise because of a misleading explanation from the teacher, faulty presentation of a structure or a word in textbook rarely memorized in a drill but not properly contextualized or Writing Skill Writing skill can be defined as a skill of communicating ideas through written symbol by organizing the idea based on the rules of language system to convey meanings so Very bored 9.